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SAUDIA And Damas Sign Agreement for ALFURSAN Members to Earn Bonus Miles Through Purchases

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تم النشر في الثلاثاء 2023-02-07

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAUDIA) and Damas Saudi Arabia Company Ltd. signed an agreement to grant members of the frequent flyer program, ALFURSAN, miles added to their account for every purchase. The agreement was signed by the Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at SAUDIA, Mr. Essam Akhonbay, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Damas and CEO, Mr. Luc Perramond.

Under the agreement, members of the Blue and Silver tiers of the Elite ALFURSAN program will receive one additional mile for every USD per purchase from Damas, while members of the Gold Level Elite Plus will receive two additional miles for every USD on each purchase from Damas.


Mr. Essam Akhonbay, VP Marketing and Product Management at SAUDIA, stated, “In line with the new program revamp, ALFURSAN is set to offer more rewards, miles, and partners to maximize the benefits to our 7.5 million ALFURSAN members. This partnership will enrich the pool of benefits to ensure our elite members receive more value for their loyalty”.


Luc Perramond, Chairman and CEO of Damas Jewellerycommented: “We are proud to announce the signing of our partnership with SAUDIA, one of the most notable airlines in the region. As a leading player in the jewellery sector in the Kingdom in particular and the Gulf in general, it is essential that our products and services remain fully compatible with the changing needs of the market that is always seeking brilliance and creativity.”


Perramond added, “We will in turn strive to meet the needs of the consumer with our distinguished business and various offers. One of our goals is to offer ALFURSAN members a high-level shopping experience, where they are rewarded for their loyalty to SAUDIA. We are sure that this solid partnership will continue to meet the requirements of customers of both parties.

ALFURSAN members can enjoy many benefits and services including upgrades, free flights, free baggage allowance and priority check-in. They can also take advantage of a wide range of offers, rewards, and access to more benefits with global partnerships that include banks, hotels, car rentals, telecommunications, retail sales, services, insurance, online booking sites and more to earn more reward miles and additional benefits


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